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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oh Hai Interwebz!

I’ve been swamped the past few weeks!  It seemed that suddenly, the Magical Sales Fairy waved her wand and orders just started to pour in!

At least that’s what happened the last two weeks.  Which was totally amazing and awesome and I’m still doing the dance of joy over that.

But this week? 

This week, my still-yet-unpaid-but-I-really-should-get-on-that-before-she-wises-up-and-takes-her-talents-elsewhere “VP of Marketing and Design”, (and BFF…errr…VP-BFF?), Paigey, waved *her* magic wand, and made the interwebz notice the Sweatshop in the most amazing way possible!

So Monday morning, I was greeted with this: (whom I *adore*) doing a little shout out for my Human Centipede Ouroboros Fleece Hat…which is a weird thing to squeal over first thing on a Monday morning.  I mean, there I was - my bleary and half-awake self, desperately clutching a scalding hot coffee mug, and staring at my computer screen, thinking “wait…is that…MINE?!?”

If that wasn’t enough, a little later, decided to do the same with the GLaDOS Inspired Hair Flower (yes, the one that LIGHTS UP)!

Clearly, I’m through the roof with excitement…but my BFF (think: Don Draper with boobies and cuter accessories), wasn’t done yet…because the very next day, BOINGBOING.NET DID A MINI WRITE UP ABOUT THE SWEATSHOP!  OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…I’m not going to lie…I may have peed a little in my pants.  Again.

So yeah…thank you EVERYONE (and especially to my crazy and awesome VP-BFF) for all the support!  I’m seriously overwhelmed and so giddy with delight and surprise that I don’t know what to do with myself!!! 
See what awesomeness you guys do to me? This was the 2nd load. 
I forgot to take pictures of the first round!

***EDIT*** just did a little thing for the GLaDOS Inspired Hair Flower too!!!