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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Throw a Kickass DIY Wedding

My BFF recently just got married in Vegas, in a wedding that was uniquely them...and arguably one of the quirkiest, funnest, and *happiest* weddings I've ever had the luck to attend!

Want to throw your own kick assed DIY wedding? Here's how to do it in 10 easy steps:

1) "Elope" to Vegas on Dia de Muertos with your entire families and 25 of your closest buddies (it helps if your parents are pretty kickassed themselves...with a great sense of humor).

2) Instead of traditional engagement photos, go for a retro/pinup themed photoshoot (courtesy of Atomic Cheesecake Studios).

Fez hat optional!
 3) Design your own wedding invitations using those awesome pics (bonus points if you make the dress code "appropriate for Vincent Price's funeral").

OK, it helps if both the bride and groom are also professional artists

4) Put together your own wedding dress by purchasing your dress from Vivien of Halloway, a corset from Louise Black (of ProjRun fame), and "jazz it up" by adding a little lace and rhinestones!

5) Have an awesome kickass Sweatshop BFF (!) who will happily make 30+ hair flowers for you to use as party favors.

All of one afternoon!

6) Have that self same BFF team up with your uber creative (and ex-seamstress) mom to design the perfect wedding bouquet and matching boutineers.

With our powers combined, Mrs P & I are unstoppable!

7) When the custom cake topper doesn't arrive on time (an issue I'm still fighting with the artisian on), instead of freaking out, calmly borrow the bride and groom sugar skull figurines that you had gifted to your grandmother, and have your mother paint them (bonus points if it's with glitter paint) to match your wedding outfits, and use those as your cake topper.

It was the "something borrowed"
 8) Get married by a rockin' Elvis (we're huge fans of Viva Las Vegas) with webcast so friends and family that couldn't make can watch the wedding live!

That's me on the left...let's face it, *I* was the real star!

9) Instead of a traditional (and costly) reception in a ballroom, have a fun, yet sumptuous dinner at any of Vegas' amazing restaurants (Michael Mina's Nobhill in MGM was classy, delicious and had great service).

10) Post wedding, get some extra milage out of all the work you put into your dress and bouquet by having a Trash the Dress photo shoot at the Neon Boneyard (bonus points if your maid of honor BFF gifts that to you as a wedding present...yes, I'm tooting my own horn).

 Seriously, without any exaggeration, this was one of the best weddings I've ever been to.  Everything was fun, low-stress (well, as low stress as a wedding can be), and incredibly fun to be involved in!

Art by The Art of Paigey!

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