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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

GO Mo-Skee-Tos, GO!

Sometimes, competing priorities get in the way of...well, priorities. After stealing moments here and there for the past week, I finished our "Mo-Skee-Tos Who Drink Mo-jitos" team hats!

When I came up with the concept, it was freezing. A nice warm fleece hat would be so adorable and just the thing, I thought. After racing against the clock and staying up until 1am to finish off the hats in time for our upcoming game, there was an unprecedented February heat wave (it got up to 70!). Heh. Figures!
it's not "asian blush"...we were really warm in our hats! - pic by AG

Despite the warmth of the hats, or perhaps because of it, our team was on FIRE! We're currently 3 - 1, and second in the league! WOOHOO!

Next week is the team tshirt contest and we're hoping we're going to win with our awesome hats!!! GO TEAM!
we love our balls! - pic by AG

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