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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mo-Skee-Tos who drink Mo-jitos turn fierce

Before I reopen the Etsy shop I am currently whipping out 10 fleece hats for my skeebar (skeeball) league. Heh. I didn't know that there was such a thing as a skeeball league, but one of my friends were looking for new players and fortunately athletic skill isn't required! Which is a good thing, since I have (in)famously fallen off a stationary bike.

As our team are the "Mo-Skee-Tos Who Drink Mo-jitos", I wanted to incorporate all the elements - mosquitos, mojitos and skee. Not sure if I'm 100% successful - I started off trying to make a cute mosquito (note the "mint" leaf tuff at the top and the red balls for, um, balls) -

clearly, I can't draw in MS Paint

but late night sewing after an action packed weekend left me a little cranky and the cute "mo-skee-tos", turned a little mean.
no longer a cute and cuddly mo-skee-to

Hopefully it'll scare the other teams - since my skeeball skills certainly don't!

I also tried something different with the balls on the end of the hats.  Usually, I would make the balls out of yarn or with fur, however, I wanted something that was solid (as opposed to fluffy yarn), and with not too much texture (as opposed to fuzzy fur), so I decided to use fleece for the balls as well.  The fleece "skee" balls definitely fit this hat, and I like the spot of red in this otherwise monochromatic hat (forest green is also our team color).  My only small quibble is that because fleece is so soft, it doesn't have much form, so the balls are easily squished and don't look quite as perfectly round.  I think I can solve this by using more stuffing in the balls. Fortunately, I have a few more days before the next game, so I have time to play around with this.
Little known fact: Totoro is a champion skeeball player

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