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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Garden of Awesome

Sometimes, it's incredibly annoying to have a BFF who is gorgeous, stylish, and a pin-up/comic book artist of note.

But then sometimes, it's the MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD.
Take for example, my poker flowers. I was so excited when I came up with the idea. I was more excited when I was able to get these flowers to look the way I saw them in my head. My excited little heart was on the verge of bursting when I texted pictures of my flowers to my BFF.

As a good BFF, she properly "ooh'd" and "ahh'd" over them with just the right amount of enthusiasm and awe. I sent her directions and my template on how to make these flowers for herself...

...when she PROMPTLY BLEW MY MIND AWAY by coming up with new mediums for me to use! I didn't think past the poker cards (sometimes I have the most awful tunnel vision), and I couldn't wrap my mind around changing my process which took forever to figure out, but after a flurry of text messages (thank you $5 unlimited text messaging, you made no money on us that day) that lasted nearly 3 hours...BAM! I present to you my garden of *AWESOME*!

The Garden of Awesome - brought to you by the letters: B, F and F.

And that's not all! Now that I've mastered how to make roses, I'm now toying with other designs and flowers! Not all of them are turning out *quite* the way I see them in my mind, but that's part of the "fun" (and angst) of the creative process...right?

Comic Book Daisy - for superheros who loves me...loves me not...loves me...loves me not...loves me!

Extra Lucky Lotus Flower made with Chinese Hong Baos!

A Comic Book Zinna - kryptonite sold seperately!

For more awesomeness, head to my Etsy Shop!

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